UNI Global Union


Videos made for the 6th UNI Global Union World Congress held in Philadelphia, USA

The videos were inspired by the Congress slogan – Rising together – and followed the aesthetic guidelines of the event branding, proposing an expanded and diverse approach.

Having a multilingual audience as target, the concepts are developed through the association of images, with little use of text.

The set included a Jingle, a video on Peace and Democracy, and two videos addressing the subjects of the sessions: Changing the rules for a just and inclusive global economy and

Changing the rules to hold corporations accountable.


The jingle aims to convey the spirit of the Congress as expressed in its slogan, Rising together: a call to action visually inspired by the branding of the event. The graffiti style of the congress logo leads us to an idea of activism with a strong presence of the organizations in the streets. Accordingly, the jingle mix photos and videos of people demonstrating with animations inspired by the logo.

Following this idea, the original music is inspired as well in urban culture.

 Changing the rules for a just and inclusive global economy

Based in the conference motion,  the video shows how today’s global economy is widening the gap between billionaires and the rest of the population. Inequality is higher than ever and it is the workers who pay the price.

To illustrate this, the video will develop the visual idea of a gap in which extreme wealth enjoys a higher position while workers descend to a lower position.

Changing the Rules to Hold Corporations Accountable

Video based on the conference motion calling for corporations to take responsibility for workers’ human rights.

Rising Together for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights; Against Inequality, Racism and Discrimination

 Video made in a handmade technique, with animated watercolor paintings.

The scenes describe different situations where fear appears as a common factor that threatens people.